DVB Driver Pack 1.3

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DVB Driver Pack 1.3

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DVB Driver Pack 1.3


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* x64 Support (Tested on XP x64 and Win7 x64 with skystar USB 1.1 and Starbox USB 2.0)
* Drivers of all Prof-Tuners products
* Avermedia A700 and A706 BDA Drivers
* Inca and Pinnacle BT878 BDA and WDM drivers
* Technisat 4.6.0 BDA and WDM Drivers
* TechnoTrend S2-3600 and S2-3650 CI v1.0.4.0 BDA drivers
* TechnoTrend S2-1600 and S2-3200 v5.0.2.1 BDA drivers
* Latest version of BDA_ALL.DEV, Dev_Bda2Driver.int, BxS_TT_S2_3200.dev, bda_prof.dev, Dev_Prof.int, Dev_TT-budget.int, mantis.dev, TT-budget.dev modules (During driver installation, Driver Pack will be copied these modules in to related directory if related modules of your card are available and DVB Dream or ALTDVB installed on the system..Also you can get these modules by clicking on "Extract Driver" button..
* *Starting from this version of Driver Pack, Unregistered Users can only be extracted drivers from the pack !
* *When nsexec.dll of NSIS called, KIS 2011 gives a false alert like "PDM.Rootshell.." so ignore this alert if you are using this version of KIS..
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