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Непрочитанное сообщение#1 » Blaze » 06.10.2008 14:33

Here I go again!!

As promised, here is my latest Monster Pack offering:

New in this version:
1. Should support browsing on both AT&T and T-Mobile (custom menu and websession included)
2. Vista and i-Phone Skins
3. My usual Motospeed,Motosound and heavily modified Flex


Here is the Readme.txt file:


Based on AT&T Unlocked S/W version, but with T-Mobile MyFavs support (optional, but verified to work!)

Software Version: R3442A_G_0E.43.08R
Flex Version: GSVV3xx06TMB01NA0E3
DRM Version: 0113

This was created with Flash&Backuo V3.0.7, using V3Re_06 Profile and saved as an SHX file. Flash by
selecting Write Data tab in FB3 and use the "Select flash file" button to point to the included file.

Important !: Use my FB3 R3442_V3Re_06.prof profile (included) to load all saved sections) Just replace the existing
FB3 profile in C:\Program Files\Motorola Tools\Flash&Backup 3\Profiles with the included one before you

This is what I know is done:

1- Really Nicely done Skins (ported to V3Re slightly modified by myself using Skinner4Moto
(may need to select desired skin from skins menu when first booted after flashing)
(despite what Skins list says, only Alkali, i-Phone and Vista skins folders exist)
I modified both skins slightly to make things like fonts in text enty, blinking cursor, etc
more visible. Also changed Home Screen Clock and Date and Provider Font Color and transparency.

2- Opera Browser enabled

3- Funlights pattern that works for ringlights (enabled)

4- MotoSpeed used to improve response of menus

5- Gain table adjusted using MotoSound (GPTE)

6- Neat Yoda(ring) and Startrek(incoming message) ringtones available (thanks Vlad)

7- Time AND Date displayed on main screen

8- No MyFaves support included but my5 fold exists and MyFavs can be enable if desired
(Edit Seem 0032_001 offset BE, bit 5 to re-enable, but you will loose Date Display on Home Screen!)

9- The two Skins are my favorites, Vista best for high light (day) but i-PhoneMoto looks
really cool! I switch back and forth often during the course of a day!

10- Dual AT&T and T-Mobile flash on flip screen when opened and "Dual Network" Start-up Animation

11- Text messages store to phone, not SIM option in InBox setup, Text Message option

12- Speakerphone calls end on flip closed (I hate having to remember to end)

13- G-Mail Java App (once signed in, click Menu and enable always leave me signed in)

14- Custom Bootscreen to replace HelloMoto (shameless plug for my work) You can change if you
follow my Guide located at: http://modmymoto.com/wiki/index.php/...lloMoto_Screen
Or use one of the pre-made CG8s in the provided bootscreen folders.

15- 12 Icon Menu Screen using Vista and i-PhoneMoto Skins (Custom DRM replacement Icons look Great!)

16- Some MyFavs icons available in /a/mobile/pictures so you can use them for your caller id photos!

17- Alternate BootScreens provided with instructions included to customize power-on screen!

18 - Two Web Browser Entry Icons provided with my own Animated icons (my first attempt at animated
menu icons!) They SHOULD launch to the home page for each depending on which Network Provider
SIM card you use (notify me if any problems and you have to edit the websessions provided!)

I did this MP a little differently. I got the phone set up like I liked it, then manually deleted whatever
personal info I could find. Contact, Calander, Greeting Banner, IM Sessions. BUT, I might have overlooked
something and if you find anything, please honor my privacy and delete it!

By preparing the MP this way, I didn't loose Websessions and a few other things that disappear after a "Master Clear"

I hope you enjoy this release! Contact me by PM at ModMyMoto or E-Mail: jklong03@yahoo.com

And Here is the D/L Link: