Amnesia для Razr V3

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Amnesia для Razr V3

Непрочитанное сообщение#1 » Blaze » 06.10.2008 14:25

Amnesia MP
by myself, AlucardArg


Why that name, Amnesia?
I thought of this name because the lack of memory (free-memory, nottotal). It's so loaded of stuff (ringtones, pictures and skins) that itonly has 824 Kb free.

Which mods does it have?
Most. To name a few:
- No SIM required to use the phone.
- Operator name changed
- AMR Full Rate Enabled
- MP4 Recording
- Battery Saving enabled
- Color styles enabled (you'll need to change back to 3GP recording for this to work)
- Rhythm, Event and Club lights enabled
- No Delete confirmation
- Modified Gain and Param tables
- Menu captions edited
- Menu order changed
- [and some others]

And ringtones?
- Green Day - Basket Case
- Benny Benassy - California Dreaming
- 24 - The CTU phone
- Zero7 - Destiny
- 4 Ringtones from the V3i Dolce&Gabanna
- Phil Collins - Easy Lover
- Buick Project - Lumiere
- NoFT - Menta
- Minding (the famous low-frequency sound, a.k.a., Mosquito)
- The Knack - My Sharona
- Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
- Sum41 - Over My Head
- Paul Van Dyke - (dunno the track name... Изображение )
- Piano solo (apparently, from the movie Matrix)
- Mika - Relax [Take it Easy]
- N.E.R.D. - Rockstar Remix
- Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
- Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift OST
- The Ramones - What A Wonderful World
- Buckethead - Whitewash
(All of them with the correct ID3 tag)

Awesome, and images?
A lot. 34, to be exact. Most are downloaded from the inet, some others, from skins, and 2 made by me (check out the M3 wallpaper! It could definitely be better, but anyway...).
Of course, custom made CL.gif

Looking good... Skins?
- Moto skin ("ripped" so it's only ~130 kb)
- iMoto (made by Razrowner2)
- Element 2.0 (made by xnny3x)
- Archer4Avril 2.0 (made by Archer, icons changed. Actual icons made by JithinSK)
- IlluminYX (made by Xitiz)
- White Symbian (made by... someone, dunno who. But it was extracted from got n00b MP, by Ap)
The DRM is Blue Glossy (also extracted from Ap's MP, I think it was made by bigboicee)
DRM sped up (50%)

Java apps?
Just Gmail and Opera Mini

Which languages does it have?
US English and Spanish. I tried to get Filipino, but couldn't find it...

A few screens (when I say "few", I mean, really, they are only 3):
Изображение Изображение Изображение
I reeeeeaaally don't feel like getting more screenshots. Maybe tomorrow.

Hey, could you make me a 3D render/wallpaper/cl with my name on?
Send me a PM or topic here and we'll see what I can do.

NOTE 1: It doesn't include any Websessions. You need to download and apply the one you need (just put it under "/a/", using P2K Tools)
NOTE 2: I deleted the MMS option from theMessage Center because I don't use it. If you want it, you need tocreate it using P2K Menu Editor. Feel free to ask if you have anydoubts.